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Gothic 8

Gothic 3

Gothic 4

Song of South Korea

We meet at a school

You seem to be cool

Snapback freckled skin 2000’s era emo hair so jet black it’s almost cruel


The sight of you kind of makes me drool

Sitting in a bar talking to you like every fool

Who thinks they’ve got a chance sipping on this liquid courage fuel


Your girlfriend’s in America so she basically doesn’t exist she’s a myth a memory a ghost a ghoul

Sure, you love her very much you both went to the same high school

Someday you want to take her on a honeymoon to Istanbul


But in the pictures you show me I look at her ring finger and don’t see no jewel

And when I put my hand on your knee sitting bar stool by bar stool

You don’t tell me to stop and in my head that’s consent – but don’t quote me I didn’t go to law school


Just one more Moscow Mule

Promise never to tell anyone about this - new rule

But I mean this game we’re playing now is pretty old school


Your apartment doesn’t have a pool

But it’s not like I’m a queen who needs something to rule

I want this too you’re not going to get any sort of ridicule


Our clothes slip off like an unwinding spool

Yes kiss me there I’ll give you the keys that you’ll

Need to save yourself from being very uncool


Then he asks me if I want him to go harder

And I say


Then he asks me if I want him to go faster

And I say


Then he asks me if this means we’re, like, together now

And I’m like


Asks me if he’s the only boy I’ll have sex with for the rest of my study abroad

And I’m like


Asks me if I came yet

And I’m like


Then he’s finished – we must’ve started all this, maybe, three minutes ago?

He commends me, says he’s never done something like this before and that I really know how to blow

And maybe we could do this again sometime, go to a countryside chateau

I say, yeah…

He says the sex was amazing, absolute dynamo

But his bangs are pushed back now and he’s not as cute without his hair making him all emo

I say I gotta leave, and he says really do you have class tomorrow, and in an unfamiliar falsetto

I say…yeah…

And as I’m about to go

He says I’m glad you’re not some hoe

And asks if he’s the first and only guy I’ve slept with during my study abroad, you know?

And I say, yeeaaahhhhh. No. Bye.

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