In print since 1974, Impressions is an annual publication created by and for the students of Maryville College and members of the surrounding eastern Tennessee community. Impressions aims to present the best of art, poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and other creative works submitted by the the Maryville College community and the appalachian region.




   Chloe is a student at Maryville College majoring in art with a minor in psychology and is planning to pursue a masters in counseling and therapy. Her art has been regularly displayed in many locations, two of which are the nation's Capitol and the Knoxville Museum of Art. She is currently working directly with Maryville Arts District (M.A.D.) along with promoting her own business, Clover Fine Arts. "I love that I can use art to inspire others. It allows me to show viewers a perspective they may not have otherwise considered. In a world where everyone is seeking change, I believe the pivotal role of the artist is to be a messenger of the many perspectives people have," Melton said.

   You can check out Chloe's work on her instagram @Clover Fine Arts