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Pacific Bubble Bath

Mud and History

“An Ode to Fall II”


Here’s a question…

You may not know the answer

How many poems can I write about you?

Praising your hair and eyes

Writing about you like I’ve never seen another person

Like you were the first person my eyes saw

I could dedicate an epic to your eyes and smile

I could write an epic waxing poetic about the way your hair stays on your head

I wonder if you’ve ever looked at yourself in the mirror

Have you seen your eyes?

I thought I lost my angst with my twentieth birthday

But the world inside your smile brings it back


Your eyes remind me of fall

The way they’re deep with comfort and wonder

How simply their color could warm the coldest heart

Your hair is warmth too and smile


Nature rewarded you for worshipping her

For hoping one day she’d be restored

Someday when you’re old you’ll return her beauty to her

Someone, a relative, a friend, a lover, will lay you down under her skin and you will become fall

I don’t know if I’d want to see a world without you

Kind no more

Emotionless under the blankets of the forest



Could you ever love me?

I know I’m not.

I know nature didn’t bless me the way she blessed you

She gave me a foolish heart

Optimism and


I think of this more of a curse than blessing

Someday I too will return her gift

Most likely alone

Without you


After all,

who could love a fool?

Probably not you

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