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Tip Toe


You get angry, scream and shout

I know what it’s really all about

I tip toe like a little mouse

In my house


Oh no what’s that

You’re home

I was happier alone

I’ll pretend to be on the phone

Avoiding your presence

Avoiding your harsh tones

Until you’ve escaped

Back to where you prefer to call ‘home’

A poisoned fairy world

Where you’re all alone


Soft and furry

Never mean

You were so precious to me


I thought cats had nine lives

I guess you used up your other eight in other lives

This is your last try

To get it right

To out show Time


Time is always right

Iron Man

Big Brother Big Brother, you mean so much to me

Big Brother Big Brother, you’ve helped me to see

Who I am

Who I want to be


You see me for me

You know what I’m thinking

You know how to brighten me up when I’m sinking

You always come to my rescue

You drop your whole wide world for me

I would do the same for you

In less than a heart beat


Big Brother Big Brother, don’t you see

I would be nothing without you

You are Father

And Mother

And Santa Claus, too

You are my Protection

And Savior

And my Iron Man, too

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