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Black Widow

Your tempting, bold black widow’s kiss
Will draw from my lips life’s last breath
As I transpire from bliss to bliss
And leave to you new life, in death.

With cautious footsteps entered I
Fearing your sure but unsure charms
Yet sweetness stuck me as a fly
Tucked tightly by your ubiquitous arms.

I lay upon your silken web
Spun with your un-procured debt
You’ve laid me here my life to ebb;
My procurance, your appetite to whet.

So sure of my future succulence
You desire to plant me in your lair;
Biding time till my vine’s poor pence
Have ripened with no more to bear.

Guns For Hire


The dust had barely settled

In that forgotten Western town

You could smell the scent of cattle on the wind.

Two strangers stood there silently

As people gathered round

To see, between the two of them, who'd win.

One a bold vaquero who was riding for the gold,

A fading cigar clenched inside his grin.

He faced the other stranger with a star upon his chest

And a sly but knowing smile above his chin


Guns for hire

Living frozen in a moment

Where the clocks are always stuck at 12 PM

They are guns for hire

Thinking only of the next day

And of fighting for their next pay

Spending everything while they have life to spend

For the gunman every night could be the last that he will end

With the warmth and touch of a young and loving hand.

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