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Do You Remember Me?
Raven Daniels

Do you remember me? Bullies.  The ones that called me
stupid, ugly, repeatedly trying to instill in me that no one wants me.
But you come back to me and ask, “Can you help me with the homework?” Mmm… not stupid after all, huh?

Do you remember me? Teachers. The ones who recommended that I needed to be in special education classes and told my parents their child would not do well in college… Ha-ha, when you see me in the streets, your mouth drops when I say I’m in college.

Do you remember me? My so-called friends. You claimed that you will be my ride and die buddies, but instead you decided to betray me and spread rumors so no one would like me. You think you took my joy, but GOD fought my battle because you have to come back and cry on my shoulder because you got pregnant, your man left you, and I am the only person who respects and cares about you.

With GOD’s guidance, I am able to get to the top in spite
of negative comments, negative influence, and negative people.

As Beyoncé says, “Always stay gracious – best revenge is your paper.”

Well, to all my haters, my revenge is my degree, which I am getting in May of this year.

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