Lainer Elementary Students Event for the Arts

Impressions Magazine worked with students from Lanier Elementary for an art and poetry workshop. Excerpts from the workshop shown below.

Santa Claus is Super Fat by Cayden

Santa is my favorite person

because he gives me video games

and lots of other toys.

Santa is so fat that he can’t

fit down the chimney

I make cookies for Santa.

Santa's House by Brennen

Reindeer pooping starbursts

Santa’s beard

happy cookies






The Easter Bunny 
by Cayden

Tiny, silent, hopping

the Easter Bunny

gives toys in baskets

candy: every kind you can think of

He’s so skinny that he can’t get up

to put the baskey

in his lap.

At the Beach by Amy

I see an eagle in the sky

I hear the waves

I eat ice cream and the flavor is cookies and cream

Corn Snake by Cayden

I would be a corn snake

Big and orange

Eat, sleep, and slither

Slither all over my brothers’ neck

I would sleep in a cage

and eat rats.

Godzilla the Humongous Rooster by Brayden

I the rooster live in a barn

and I smells grass, dirt, and hay.

I eat crawdads and if they pinch me

I smash them

I am Godzilla the Humongous Rooster.

I am nice and don’t chase the hens

I tell everyone when to go to bed

and when to wake up

When hens attack they hurt the people

and they put it in their vlog called chens.