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One Last Time

In front of me, I see cheering fans

Alongside them is the proud band parents

Cheering as hard as they possibly can

10 yards away from me is my co-captain

As we perform our duet

In the breeze, my flag blows carelessly

I smell funnel cakes in the distance,

But it doesn't distract me from my sadness

This is my last band competition.

I feel anxious for what is to come

I see fellow band members feeling the same as I

We don't want this to end

Beads of sweat drip down my forehead 

But yet I still smile through the pain.

I smile because this is not the end.

Not for me, I have a wonderful future ahead of me. 

Who She Once Was

Who she once was,

Everyone loved.

She knew what she wanted out of her life.

She knew love would come one day.

When she began to change,

So did everyone's opinion of her.

When she would come to school with cuts on her arms,

She was weak.

When she ended up in the hospital again for attempting an over-dose,

She just wanted attention.

But when she finally died,

Everyone cried.

No one knew what she was going through.

No one knew why she hated herself.

They just assumed their own opinions.

No one admitted what they did.

Justice was never found for her.

But she,

She was happy to be away from the hell she once knew.

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