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I love experiences the good and the bad

But the bad are my favorite

They are why I am who I am

They taught me to be strong in the face of adversity

They taught me that everyone will go through things in their life but its up to them to keep pushing

They taught me to think more in depth

They taught me life is more valuable than anything the world can offer

Those experiences taught me, what will you let them teach you?

Who Am I?


I’m the big headed black kid they use to call names in elementary class

I’m the kid who didn’t have the cool shoes and name brand clothes

I’m the kid that they beat up in the bayou next to the school


Who am I?


I’m the guy who was “too nice” when I tried to talk to girls

I’m the guy who was lame because I didn’t smoke weed or drink alcohol

I’m the guy who was a geek because I answered questions in class all the time


Who Am I?


I’m the man that is a leader

I’m the man that is built to endure adversity

I’m the man that is a voice for the few

I’m the man with a strong mind


Who Am I?


I’m the man they said I would never be

I’m the man that they made me!

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