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The Church - Short Story

He rode through the bleak thrills of his life with an unpetitioned stubbornness. One that was much too solid to sway. It began in the years at the church. Leaving a philosophical footprint with each movement. He denounced the repulsive slop that had been force-fed to the flock. Those damn nuns really knew how to make a sinner out of you. For when one challenged their beliefs, God’s wives put you on display in the stocks of hell. This form of humiliation acted as a deterrent from anyone that wanted to speak their mind. Though no punishment could keep Andros from displaying what was just in his eyes. Maybe if the situation with his little brother never happened he would not have been so outspoken, but Axl was his reason for everything now.

Andros was the oldest of his father’s two sons. Naturally, he adapted a strong bond with his brother. He provided a guiding voice for young Axl to hold on to when their parents were murdered. Their parent’s death was as a thief in the night, here and then gone. Axl, too young to understand but old enough to notice their absence. Andros, in his first stages of puberty, made to stop and develop with this struggle. He was hardened from the event, but not enough to avoid the church. This is where he and his brother would spend the rest of their adolescent lives.

The Catholic Church in which these boys resided was a marvel of a structure. With its steeple standing twenty stories high, one could climb the top and touch God’s hand. Hand carved stones lined the exterior of the building that lead in to cavernous halls. Giant columns followed the halls to the center, then departed to provide support elsewhere. The stained-glass windows depicting their saints. God’s holy home, a place where these children would live with love, compassion, and the embrace of righteousness.

This loving face that the children had originally seen was quickly altered in their perceptions. The caring nuns that had taken them in had become strict and overbearing. Their demands could never seem to be met and their rules always seemed to get broken. It was a different lifestyle than the one the boys had with their family, but they were reluctant to know that this new life would get them into Heaven. All the children seemed to be fine with the way things were. After all, no one else wanted them. No one else took care of them. No one loved them like Father Abram did. They became use to his special meetings.

Father Abram did not have these meetings with every child in the church, only a select group would meet with him. Each day, two children would be selected to meet with the Father. One child one meet with him in the morning, and one at night. After about a month the group would be changed, and a new group of children would cycle through meetings. Andros was never in any of the groups. For this, he was relieved. He was not sure what the meetings were about, but when he asked the other children they said nothing. He finally got the opportunity to get insight on these meetings when Axl was selected to meet with the Father.

“He probably just wants to know how you are doing and ask you about your faith. It will be okay.” Andros said, comforting his brother.

How was he to know that his encouraging words would only easy the torment that his little brother was about to experience.

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