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The Unknown Paradise


I lived in a bubble

I Lived in a dreamhouse where I could be anything I wanted to be.

I lived on an island with a barrier protected by my many knights, Queens and Kings.

I was living in a perfect world

I was the Princess of The Unknown Paradise.

I was a dreamer and a leader

And just like many before me, I wanted to change the world.



My bubble got popped.

The barriers broken down

My army killed.

Now I live in this prison where my voice is not heard.

I live in a street of voiceless screams

With a garden of dead souls and lifeless hues.

I Live in a world where the Orange Fox is the leader

And racism’s cheerleader

My colour seems to be a problem

And my gender a distraction.

I live in a world ruled by the 1% of the 1%

That steals my every cent


But I still have my dreams.

The same dreams as the Princess

I still want to free my people from this world

Be the voice that leads the crowd,

And like many before me

I want to break the invisible shackles put on my Kingdom

I want to be the one that brings back the sunshine

I want to be the one defeating the Fox

I know I can do it,

Because the Queen and King told me I could be whatever I wanted to be.


I lived in a bubble, protected by the Queen and King

Now, I am lost in the lifeless hues of the world.

I still have my crown

But, my army is asleep

In the lifeless corners of the streets.

Will they wake before the Fox takes us down?


The Girl from the Unknown Paradise

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