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Top Ten Activities to Complete During Your Time at Maryville College

Before entering college, you are familiar with the traditions that most students have in common. There are some traditions, however, that are unique to Maryville College.

Here are some of the MC traditions that you should consider taking part in during your college career:

  1. Attend homecoming - Every year MC hosts a homecoming dance, football game, and parade for homecoming. It will be difficult to miss this opportunity because there are homecoming festivities occurring all over campus during homecoming weekend.

  2. Celebrate Halloween- Enjoy dressing up in a costume and having fun with friends at a party. If parties aren’t your scene, Zoo Knoxville every year hosts an event called “Boo at the Zoo” where you can pass out candy to trick-or-treaters. Also, every year the Theater Honors Society, APO, hosts a haunted house in the college woods where you can see your peers dressed up as ghouls and zombies!

  3. Attend a Mountain Challenge event- Almost every week Mountain Challenge hosts outdoor activities outside and on MC’s campus. All athletic skill levels are welcome, and costs are usually free or $5 or less. Climbing the Alpine Tower is a must at some point for every MC student!

  4. Try playing a sport- If you are interested in athletics but do not want to commit to a sports team, give intramural sports a try. Tennis, volleyball, and basketball are just a few of the many sports offered.

  5. Host a game night- Gather your best friends and play your favorite board game (“Cards Against Humanity”, perhaps?)

  6. Holiday festivities- Ice skating in Market Square, Fantasy of Trees, decorating a gingerbread house, setting up a Christmas tree, and watching Christmas movies are all fun ways to bond during the holidays. Every year, the Center for Campus Ministry hosts a holiday decorating party with free snacks hot apple cider.

  7. Celebrate the new year with friends- Every year in downtown Knoxville there a ball drop outside that is open for public viewing. Come with your friends and celebrate the new year together.

  8. Host a viewing party- Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or other series are aspects of pop culture everyone loves. It’s a good chance to get together and watch every movie in the series. And you can make your party extra-long with the director’s cut!

  9. Embark on a study abroad trip- If you are interested in studying abroad but you don’t want to commit to a full semester, consider a summer or May term program. Some are less than a month long and you still obtain a 3-hour credit.

  10. Attend an SPB event- The Student Programming Board constantly hosts student activities on campus that are completely free to students. Flyers for future events can be found across the college and are posted in Today@MC. Spring Fling is a must for all MC students!

All of these traditions are helpful for building long lasting friendships and gaining new experiences. So whether you are able to complete all or just a few traditions, it will help to enrich your time at Maryville College and provide fond memories for years to come.

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